Friendship Bracelets

OneStopCraft & JustKeepOnCrafting have an "anything goes" challenge & CreativeCraft's challenge is "three"

Well here's 3 photos of the steps to make an "Incredibly Quick & Easiest ever!" friendship bracelet.

You will need 3 lengths of 3 different coloured embroidery threads. Cut them 60cm long - for most people this should be long enough. Fold the 3 lengths in half and make a slip knot. It makes life easier if you then clip this to something so you have some tension to work against.

Spread the 3 colours so it looks like A B C C B A

Then bring the outermost left strand into the middle (B C A C B A)

Then bring the outermost right strand into the middle crossing over its same coloured counterpart (B C A A C B)

Continue until you have a "chevron" section that is long enough to wrap around your wrist.


Now you need to make 2 end ties to secure through the slip knot to enable you to tie the bracelet around your wrist.

Divide the 6 threads in half, with 3 colours in each half. A B C and A B C.

Plait the 3 strands for each section.

Le voila! Gift the finished bracelet to a friend!



  1. Lovely creation. I've ever try to make it, but failed.. :D. Shoukd learn from you, Thanks for joining at One Stop Craft Challenge this week

  2. Ok, so it's not paper but there are three colors! Thanks for joining us this week at Creative Craft challenge NancyD

  3. Creative crafts of all sorts are welcome! I'm going to give this a go when I next get a moment - Thanks for joining in at Creative Craft Challenges

  4. I remember these from school, happy memories.
    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely project at Anything goes, Just keep on creating.
    Sorry it has taken so long to leave a comment. Just to let you know that the challenges are up and running again so hope you will continue to play along.
    Also letting you know that I am having a giveaway on my personal blog as well hoping you will enter :)


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