Shamballa Bead Bracelet

Shamballa Bead Bracelet, DIY gifts

The shops are full of (rather expensive) Shamballa beaded bracelets. I thought I'd have a go making one - a lot of fun, fairly quick and easy and infinitely cheaper than those on sale in the shops! I'm entering it in AnythingGoes and TheCraftyPad's "anything goes" challenge this week and Glitter&Sparkle's "anything but square".

If you hunt in the shops (and no doubt online) you can pick up beads and cord relatively cheaply. I got mine from TheBeadShop in Nottingham. You need approximately 2.5m of thread (I used a nylon gold shimmery cord approx 1mm thick) and a co-ordinating Shamballa style bead.

I would say I have small to average wrists; the measurements I used are as follows:

1 length 30cm (the main bracelet cord)

2 lengths 90cm (to knot either side of the bead)

1 length 20cm (for the fastening)


Sellotape one end of the 30cm length to a table. Slide the bead up half way.

Take one of the 90cm lengths. Tie it just below the bead so that you have 2 equal lengths secured either side of your main bracelet cord. Then you start knotting. The photos that follow are using scraps of cord because I forgot to take photos of the actual bracelet whilst I was making it! Sorry!

Bring the left cord across the centre cord to make a figure 4 shape.

Then bring the right cord under this "left" cord and up into the centre of the figure 4 shape.

Pull the outer cords tight. Then repeat but on the other side.
Make a "back to front" figure 4 shape by bringing the right cord across the centre cord.

Then bring the left cord under the figure 4 and up into the centre of the figure 4 shape.

Pull the outer cords tight. Repeat the left then right knots until you have a knotted section measuring 7cm. Using a needle thread the 2 outer cords up into the body of the knotted section to hide the ends and cut them. If you are using nylon cord, you can melt these ends with a cigarette lighter so they don't come loose.
Unsellotape the bracelet from the table, rotate it and do the other side. You will then end up with a knotted length, bead, knotted length.
To make the fastening, lay the bracelet down with both ends overlapping. Tie the 20cm length around the overlapping ends; make sure the knot isn't too tight because you need to be able to pull the ends through it to loosen and tighten your bracelet.
It is easier if you sellotape each end cord to the table whilst you knot your fastening section. Do approximately 6 knots, alternating left then right, then as before thread the ends up into your knotted section to hide them.
Finally, do a double knot at the 2 ends of your bracelet. You can also melt the knot with a cigarette lighter (as before, only do this if you are using nylon thread!).
Enjoy your bracelet!



  1. this is fab love the tutorial too thanks for joining us at glitter n sparkle and good luck emma xx

  2. Very cute braclet.. I love it!
    And thanks for sharing the tutorial..
    Great creation to have linked up to us at Glitter n Sparkle..
    Toni - DT

  3. Lovely bracelet and fab tutorial, many thanks for joining us at glitter n sparkle this month, good luck hun xxx

  4. Fab creation .
    Thanks for sharing it with us at anything goes challenge.
    Hugs Emma xx

  5. Wow this is fab, love it. Thanks for joining us at glitternsparkle hugs trisha

  6. Hi Lindsey - what a great bracelet and much prettier than the ones on sale in the shops! Thanks for the tutorial too - may have to give this a go. Thanks for sharing this creation at The Crafty Pad this week in our "Anything Goes" challenge.
    Helen x (DT)

  7. Great Tutorial and love the Bracelet. Thank you for joining us at Glitter n Sparkle this week. Abbie DT xx


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